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thrive >>> a breaking news in san jose. we have multiple crime scenes at this hour. police are spread across many blocks and a major exit off 101 is now closed. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> we want to show you the two locations we're talking about. all of this unfolding in east san jose. we're about tully road and lanai. there is a second location that. george kiriyama is here but we begin with jean who joins us live in san jose. what location are you at? >> i'm on tully road between king and highway 101. this whole thing started around 9:00 tonight. police say an officer was shot just around the corner from where we are at tully and lanai. we're told he was grazed by a bullet and that police are looking for one suspect and possibly more. now you're taking look down tully road right now. you can see that's the highway 101 overpass. you can see there are lots of police officers around here. they have blocked the road while they search for the suspect. there are lots of stores here and gas stations and restaurants, and they are all empty. police have cleared eve
into the newsroom. >>> a second suspect is behind bars in connection with a deadly crime tree in san jose and that suspect is just 15 years old. kimberly terry joins us from juvenile hall with more on the arrest. >> reporter: police say it was great detective work that led them to the teenager who they arrested in concord yesterday evening. the name of the 15-year-old is being withheld because of his age, but police say he will likely be charged with homicide, armed robbery and attempted murder. >> we are very glad he's in custody and hopefully the public can rest at ease. >> reporter: detectives had been looking for the suspect since last weekend since he and jonathan willbanks robbed four businesses, shot and killed a man and got in a shootout with police. the accomplice was arrested november 16, the night of the incident. >> i still can't believe it. >> reporter: news of the arrest came as loved ones gathered for a memorial in campbell. the 22-year-old was shot during the suspect's attempted carjacking in the parking lot of a 7/eleven. >> he wasted his life, his brother's life and the
by multiple bullets. >> i know that san jose is having a crime wave. but they used to call san jose the safest big city in the world. >> reporter: police later arrested one of the suspects, jonathan willbanks in an east san jose neighborhood. police are hoping a $20,000 reward and this sketch will help them. the former high school football player is being honored at the spot where he died. >> it's beyond belief. it's the saddest thing ever. >> reporter: the memorial service will more than likely be this saturday. he is survived by his father, mother and older brother, dylan. >> it is just simply tragic. thank you, george. >>> they want to know who took her. pg&e is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest in a walnut creek kidnapping and robbery of a pg&e employee. she left work on november 7th. these are surveillance photos of one of the suspects. police say the woman was tied up, blindfolded and forced to withdrawal money at east bay atms. ultimately, the men drove her to an isolated area of the oakland hills where they left her go. >>> the search is over for isaac
felt in the south bay and san jose. you can see the main rain band pushing into morgan hill. and let's show you the santa clara valley. moderate rain, palo alto, coming down pretty hard right now. over towards pleasantton and livermore, and around oakland, just misty skies here. you can see in the future cast, most of the action is in the south bay, we'll transition from outright rain, scattered showers, heading into tomorrow morning. so plenty of rain right now, sunday's forecast, we'll see more changes. we'll show you what it means for the forecast coming up. >>> all right, thank you, the latest rainstorm is a concern for people who live in the daly city neighborhood where the water main break caused a huge mud slide this week. some homeowners are concerned about the possibility of another big mess. >> reporter: a clear storm drain is just what this worker from daily city's water and waste water resources wants to see. he is making sure it does not back up with mud or anything else. as the rain comes down, bales of hay along parker there to keep the soil from coming along the hills
francisco into san jose. and believe me, those temperatures will seem fairly cool compared to what monday and tuesday are going to look like around the bay area. we'll talk about that first half of the week warm-up and then the temperature come down with rain returning toward the end of the seven-day forecast i'll have a look at that. >> thank you. >>> thousands of grocery store workers across northern california may be on strike in less than an hour. management from union leaders have been in contract negotiations for more than a year. they also operate the bel air markets and nob foods. so far they haven't come to an graelt. the main sticking point, health care benefits, a proposed wage freeze and the elimination of premium pay for sunday shifts. it expires at midnight and workers say they're ready to walk. >> i talked to my family and we're ready. we're ready. we're going to fight for solidarity together. >> management says the company needs to cut costs in the face of the weak economy and competition from nine union stores such as walmart. if the 7,000 workers go on strike, it will be
on this day in 2009 gathered tonight in san jose. they wanted to remember him and to demand a trial. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is at frost elementary school with a look at where the case stands now. >> reporter: blocks from where the killing happened and despite arrests made three years ago, the case is yet to go to trial. >> we want justice for michael. that's what he serves and that's what we are here for. as a family, we're not going to stop fighting for that. michael deserves it and we are going to get it. >> reporter: michael russell's family hosted a vigil at this elementary school the last three years. on november 10th, 2009, he was stabbed to death in the backyard of his home. >> i remember it like it happened yesterday. >> reporter: soon after the killing, police arrested two suspects in the case, both classmates of the victim. randy thompson 16 and jay williams 15 at the time of the killing and both are charged as adults. while the hearing was two with years ago, the trial is yet to begin because of numerous continuances. >> we want to do whatever we can to push this forward. >>
airports like san jose to do something about its bird situation. and tomorrow afternoon, the san jose city council would discuss this very issue. >> thank you, george. >>> so, who should lead the troubled city, once considered one of the safest among the country? san jose is looking for a new police chief. nbc has learned two of the names to replace chris moore. one is jerry dyer. the last four police chiefs have come from within the department. tonight, residents came out to a neighborhood meeting to let the department know what they would like to see in a chief. >> i think the problems need to be solved by an outsider that's going to take a fresh look at the way business is done. >> we're looking for a leader that could invest some time into san jose, invest in the community here in san jose. and finish what i believe chief moore had started. >> chief moore is resigning by the end of january. another hearing is scheduled for this wednesday. >>> san le andro is putting money where his fourth is, to taking money out of his paycheck. chris zapata, will take money out of his paycheck so two
coach called a stinger of the neck and was taken to the hospital. three years ago, another san jose player nearly died. today's game was delayed for about 30 minutes. lincoln went on to defend their title for the 15th-straight year. winning 55-13. >>> it wouldn't be thanksgiving in the bay area without the massive turkey dinner at glide memorial church. volunteers prepared and served 5,000 meals to those in need today. organizers have been planning since august. and today, hundreds of volunteers poured in early to make sure the big day went off without a hitch. many served for personal reasons. and many who received, said there's something special about glide. >> i lost my job. came close to homelessness myself. that could have easily been out there standing in line. >> glide has been the better of all the places i've come. they've always treated me with respect and dignity. >> most of the food served today was donated or paid for with grants. with thanksgiving out of the way, organizers are planning for christmas. >>> we at nbc bay area are helping families in need. we'd appreciate
: and a the school district as well as the fire department and city of san jose plan to recognizing her for saving this child. we are live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> well deserved. thank you, george. it was a horrific head on collision and tonight, three people from san jose are dead, that crash happened today on highway 1-52, vetters say a truck overturned and a driver of a volvo swerved to miss the wreck and instead, collided head on with a honda carrying three people from san jose, they were all killed in the crash. the driver of the volvo suffered injuries. >> a case of road rage on a cell phone camera, two men pointing a gun at a man. those two men have been arrested thanks to an alert officer. they were driving irradically on another street and a couple started to record them, and the men noticed they were being recorded and shot several times in the victim's car hitting the car but not injuring anyone inside. the couple quicked called 911. >> when oakland police officers were able to view the video footage that the victims had on their cell phone, one of the officers immediately rec
on that platform. but we got a different reaction from sports fans in san jose. >> i think it's great he wore a t-shirt. it shows courage. and it makes a public statement. i support that. >> i know he comes from the l.a. area. and the latin-american culture. as p.c. as it is, you can argue for it or not. he just won a world series. >> reporter: and while the internet group siren wished he used the word undocumented instead of illegal, they applaud his effort. >> i was surprised he used the platform to show how ridiculous the anti-immigrant backlash we see. >> reporter: he is used to striking out batters. now, sergio romo has struck a national nerve. >> you can catch the interview with sergio romo and barry zito and jay leno, next on "the tonight show," after our newscast. >>> he risked his life to save a young girl. and tonight, a rare award. he received the medal of honor. police say jimenez, a 12-year veteran of the force, put his own life in danger by charging at a gunman and rescuing an 11-year-old girl who was being held hostages. jimenez says any other officer put in that situation would ha
, jn thin on this wilbanks of san jose. they say he and another man were involved in four armed robberies a fatal shooting and a gun battle with police. >> anyone who is willing to take part in four armed robbery and shooting at an officer is as dang rouse as he gets. >> he they first robbed a little caesar's pizza and 15 minutes later a gas station. an hour after that a jack-in-the-box followed by a spa all within a 12-mile radius. after the robberies, police say wilbanks and a second suspect went to a store on kiwi boulevard and shot and killed a man during an attempted carjacking. the 22-year-old victim died in the parking lot where people have left flowers and notes in his memory. their friends said that he is a good person and great friend who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and they hope police catch the second suspect and soon. san jose police were able to arrest the first suspect, 26-year-old wilbanks on friday night after a pursuit and shootout with officers. >> basically a good old fashioned gun bat until the intersection. >> reporter: during the exchange one
on a deadly crime spree in san jose. the 15-year-old suspect linked to a series of violent crimes is expected to be arraigned this week. authorities finally caught the san jose resident on friday after he spent a week on the run. the suspect is linked to the november 16th killing of a man during a car jacking in the 7-eleven parking lot and attempted i can killing of a san jose police officer. the suspect's name is not being released because of his age. that could change if he is tried as an adult. the first suspect, 26-year-old johnathon dawson willbanks faces multiple charges with special circumstances. wilbanks is held without bail and due back in court on december 5th. >>> a san jose man wanted for murder is taken in to custody after he was spotted shopping at wal-mart on black friday. it happened at the wal-mart in morgan hill yesterday where an off-duty probation officer was also shopping. he recognized 18-year-old jay sob standing in the check out line. he had outstanding warrants at if ar murder and attempted murder. morganhill police responded and covered the store exits and made the
gushing in to storm drains. in san jose the rain was less of a problem but city crews have sandbags ready and checked the 26 storm water pumps to make sure they are working okay and ready to pump out rain water from low-lying areas. >> we are prepaired for it. we have crews on standby and ready to gene we will be there to respond. >> the weather made driving treacherous. a cargo van spun out and created a chain reaction. >> what is crazy, the speed limit, most people were going over the limit even though there is huge puddles, hydroplaning going on. >> reporter: another van lost control and flipped on its side in san jose. the chp is reminding drivers to slow down, especially when the roads are slick. >> for them, driving really fast on this dangerous road. it's like it is not a big deal. which is for me stupid. you have to slow down. it's your life and you are putting it in danger. >> reporter: you can see the fog is pretty thick at the summit on highway 17. that's another reason to take it slow on the road. that's the name of the game for the next few days. live in the santa cruz mounta
was stabbed to death with a samurai sword in san jose has finally been identified. the justice department says the victim is 70-year-old joan ann hughes of new york. she was well known in the west san carlos street neighborhood of san jose. a memorial was set up there in her honor after she was murdered back in august. sketches of her you just saw were released, but it took three months before authorities got a positive i.d. hughes moved to california years ago but became estranged from her family on the east coast. >>> an update now to a story we first brought you last night at 11:00. a man is in jail tonight after a dui stop turned explosive in san jose. this is amateur video of the scene next to that new casino matrix. police say they pulled over 35-year-old james mcgill on north 1st street near 101. while searching his car they found a live pipe bomb. officers then called in the bomb squad, who safely destroyed it. >>> six members of the secretive counterterrorism unit known as s.e.a.l. team 6 are in trouble for helping a redwood city-based video game company. electronic arts paid the s.e.
and the other issues on the ballots. jean elle with a who's who in san francisco. david trujillo is in san jose. and sam brock is here to sort through the facts with us. >> let's start with jean elle with the celebration in san francisco, with a lot of supporters. >> reporter: this is a party for senator dianne feinstein. she won re-election tonight. but many supporters had tv screens on. and every time there was good news about president obama, they would cheer, applauding what was happening on the other side of the nation. senator feinstein says her victory is important. but the president's re-election is key. she will set the tone for the nation and lawmakers. she is looking forward to a conversation with president obama. she wants to tell the president to end politics as usual and to bring people together so the house and senate can get some work done. >> he's very skilled on domestic policy. the question comes, can he bring the bodies together to get something done? to get a farm bill passed, to get a global warming bill passed. >> reporter: senator feinstein says she has legislative goals
cams across the bay area, from the golden gate bridge to 280 in san jose. stephanie is in berkeley, where she got in the caltrans war room, of sorts. >> reporter: caltrans crews do most of their work before the rain hits. clearing storm drains in the problematic areas. we're along 80 in berkeley at university avenue. it's one of the most notorious stretches for crashes. you see plenty of traffic coming through here. crews are keeping close track of roads through hundreds of cameras and thousands of sensors all around the bay area. >> unfortunately, he did get hit. >> reporter: but that man was able to walk away, after a car crashed into him, on the 80 on-ramp. >> you have to watch for your safety. >> reporter: especially in the dark and wet conditions. >> if you think it's not going to happen to you, that's when it happens to you. you crash. you get hurt. worst-case scenario, somebody dies. it's a loved one. it's an innocent person. >> reporter: caltrans crews are working around the clock to prevent that worst-case scenario. >> reporter: its oakland-based traffic management center
to the north and east bay some 30s. for the morning patchy frost in the north and east bay valleys. 39 san jose. mid-40s san francisco. the other thing we will watch is an increasing chance of rain coming in the forecast. you can see on the radar approaching the north bay. we will let you know when we expect the next round of rain to arrive an how it may impact your workweek coming up. >>> coming up, a bus driver blows the whistle on school bus safety and is now out of a job. it is an nbc bay area investigative unit exclusive. >>> plus -- the 49ers lost alex smith during a concussioning in today's game. ahead jim harbaugh talks about smith's injury. >>> and the search for answers following an explosion that devastated a neighborhood. the latest on that investigation. >>> investigators are trying to determine the cause of an explosion that damaged dozens of homes in indianapolis overnight. two people were killed and seven hurt. three homes were levelled and as many as 80 homes were damaged in the richmond hill neighborhood of indianapolis. so far, investigators have ruled out a bomb or a drug la
in san jose. the family is driving to palm springs to learn more about why police shot and killed the 22-year-old marine. police say it happened early saturday morning in a downtown parking garage. police on bicycles went to check out loud voices inside the lot. officers recognized the marine and his friend from a drunk in public incident. police say they ordered him to stop his car. police fired, killing the san jose marine. >> after we collected the witness statement and the statement from the officers involved we will have a better determination of what actually occurred in the minds of the officers and what led them to use their weapons. >> his friend was not hurt. they found a atm card and stolen phone in the car. he recent cently returned from afghanistan. >> and now tonight they are preparing to say good-bye to the 22-year-old marine. >> thank you. he found a very successful anti-virus company but tonight john mcafee is a wanted man. officers described mcafee as a person of interest. he called to declare his innocence. mechan put a card board box over his head so he could breathe.
week in an attempted carjacking in san jose. police say the 22-year-old was killed by two armed rob irs who went on a crime scene. they are accused of murder robbing four east san jose businesses. the suspect is in custody. police are still searching for a second suspect. a donation fun has been set up for the victim's burial costs. fire fighters respond at about 8:30 last night. captain lauren engler was in a stairwell. he is in stable condition right now. the department yuunits were damaged. ves ip ves gaitors believe it was accidental. >> walmart employees walk off the job. the retailer opened their doors to shoppers on tharngs giving night. employers say they rnt safe. at the walmart today, employees handed out fliers and carried signs. local union members joined the protest waging their support. >> a walmart spokesman called the headlines to mislead retailers. nine people are under arrest after a wall mart pmart down th spilled into the streets. police say they made the arrest after people refused to ghet off the streets. despite the protest, wall mart is reporting its best black f
the rain. up the creek, to san ramon. and it's slow to get across san jose. probably one of the best spots for trick or treaters tonight. we're looking at the showers to slowly approach. not expecting a huge soaking through the morning hours, especially for the south bay. but the roadways will be slick. let's take you to the sky camera network. and there it is. the city looking incredible tonight. the low cloud cover. a lot of parties, for the world series championship, the ticker tape parade, or halloween. you can see the cars pass by the bay bridge approach. let's get you into the next 48 hours. the front we dealt with and the low pressure that's dragging its feet. it's going to be gone tomorrow. and we see the high pressure set up. it looks like it will be good enough to give us warm to hot weather with temperatures that will be returning up in the 80s. as we head throughout tomorrow, not quite there. we'll have 50s and 60s at the coastline. and 70s at the interior valley. we'll get in on clearing for friday. at 6:00 a.m., we'll have the showers across the peninsula, also for the south
to bring trees to his san jose neighborhood. it started with his neighbor. >> super bowl sunday 1998 she came home, police cordened off the area because of a shooting. >> reporter: they decided to focus on beautifying their street with the help of a local nonprofit. >> we planted 65,000 large trees in the last 15 years. >> reporter: and in winn's neighborhood, the effect was lightening-fast. >> i would see people intentionally staying and improving their house. >> reporter: an increase in property value is what u.s. forest service economist also found. he's published multiple studies on trees and their impact on the neighborhood. >> having the tree outside increased the price of your home by $6,700. >> that was the obvious question. >> what surprised me is the profound effect it can have on things like crime or health. >> smaller trees were linked to higher crime, larger trees seemed to cut down on crime and donovan's study based in portland oregon. >> they signal to a potential criminal that a neighborhood is well cared for. should they commit a crime, they would be more likely to get c
area a news. >> thank you. >>> one city council races in san jose is proving to be controversial. one of the candidates is accusing the other of racism. >> i've had to publish my financial record on-line and in newspapers just to dispel any of these misrepresentations occurring from the fire union that they sent out a couple of hit pieces on me. >> there's been so some tumultuous races in san jose and i'm proud of the race that we have run that our campaign has run. we have run a clean campaign. put out no hit pieces as part of our campaign and we are proud of it. >> he claims the firefighters union is sending out hit pieces on him about his christian palestinian background. robert bronstein says his lawn signs are being stolen as well. >>> a measure in the east bay is getting national attention. voters in richmond will decide whether to impose a tax on sugary drinks. it would be the first such tax in the country and the soda industry is spending millions of dollars to defeat it. monty francis has more on the multimillion-dollar fight measure n. >> good evening. if measure n passes an
,000 reward for capture and conviction of the second suspect. >>> san jose police looking for a hit-and-run driver today. two cars hit a pedestrian that was jaywalking after 6:00 a.m. the first driver, in a dark-colored sedan hit the man and sped off. the driver of a minivan that also hit the pedestrian stopped and is cooperating with police. >>> in san francisco, a rush hour mess tonight. simultaneous accidents causing a lot of confusion. just after 5:00 p.m., a driver hit a pedestrian. 30 seconds later, an explosion in a manhole, blowing its lid. all of this happening south of market, on howard street between 9th and 11th. the underground explosion is linked to electrical wiring connected to the city's med troe system. the pedestrian hit by the driver remains in critical condition. >>> an apology for the widow of steve jobs for the alameda man who violated her home and her heart, when he stole thousands of jewelry and electronics and her late husband's wallet. he wrote an apology from jail, saying he didn't mean to cause her more pain. the man who is responsible for a string of ri
choices. >> justice on hold, three years after a san jose teen's family is still waiting for the suspects to stand trial. >> yes, they are still waiting for justice, tomorrow marks a painful anniversary, that is when 15-year-old michael russell was killed in his own back yard, two teens were arrested, who were once his classmates. three years after the crime, they're adults and have yet to stand trial. we talked to the family on the eve of the vigil. >> every day is a tough day for the russell family, but especially this time of year. november is when the family found the santa teresa teen dead. >> he didn't get to may choices or choose his own destiny. >> and now they want to find justice for their nephew, michael. >> he was just always so pleasant to be around. he was quiet, easy-going, always considerate. >> reporter: that is why it is difficult waiting for the day for them to stand trial. >> you're upset, depressed, they have taken from us already, and they continue to take over and over and over again. >> reporter: michael was found stabbed to death in his family's back yard in novem
, who used to work at o.b. whaley elementary in san jose wiped away tears as the judge announced the verdict. the accused teacher, craig chandler is currently awaiting trial for molesting five children. >> when you have the responsibility of hundreds of children in your care, you can't afford to drop the ball at an important moment like that. >> the 36-year-old vijayendran was sentenced to two years' probation and 100 hours of community service. the judge told her she would like to see her use her experience by training other educators to comply with the state's mandated reporter law. >>> the man accused of vandalizing a muni bus plead not guilty, but apologized at the same time. 22-year-old gregory granes plead not guilty to felony vandalism charges today. police arrested him after this photograph was posted on facebook, prompting plenty of tips to police. he may have to pay part of the $700,000 it will cost to replace the bus. as of now, he is one of 12 people facing charges following the violence the night the giants won the world series. >>> and a marin county teen accused of
-old san jose girl was reunited with her dog niko. they're hoping for the same happy ending. >> there is no way to replace gus. you cannot replace gus. only gus replaces gus. >> reporter: now, mike will be at woodside high school to ask help from the students there. again, there is a reward if you know anything, please call the redwood city police. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >>> a teacher claim she was let go because of her breast feeding schedule. sarah ann lewis boyle is suing the school where she worked and the carmel unified school distri district. she said she needed 50 minutes every morning so she could pump. she claim those needs weren't met. she said she later received a negative evaluation and was urged to resign. >>> if you have a prius, you might have a problem. thousands of the toyota hybrids are being recalled. the recall involves 670,000 of its 2004 to 2009 models. all of the cars are being recalled because of metal used in the steering come opponent. it could wear out and cause steering problems. about half of those cars are also being recalled to rep
. livermore, 70 today, expected 84 by monday, and also santa rosa from 66-83, and san jose could even jump up to 83 as we head to the upcoming monday, which would likely break the old record set back in 1901. so not dangerous heat. we're not expecting triple digits, but it has been a long time since it has been this hot in the bay area. all right, the low pressure area out in the pacific, if this hit california we would see several inches of rainfall and winds up to 60 miles an hour. all right, high pressure building in, across the south to help to kick that storm out of the way. we expect hot weather in the next few days. not extremely hot, we'll go with 50s, 60s, back here in the interior valley, anywhere from 70s to 80s. tomorrow morning, patchy fog, sunday, the record heat starts to set in with some sunny skies, for tomorrow, the clouds will be here until about 11:00, and no fog in the forecast, sunny skies throughout the afternoon, that picture continuing right on into sunday, monday, tuesday, as well. as far as your morning goes, the colder numbers with 46 in napa, 47 in santa rosa, 53
about how a registered sex offender was spotted volunteers at a san jose church festival teaming with kids. he was made by a i think girl who recognized him often the megan's law website. tonight what he did and more stunning, what he discovered about the convicted volunteers volunteering at the church. we're live at the church, george? >> reporter: more than 50 concerned parents came out to ask more questions and find out more information. one of the questions, why did it take the church more than six weeks to vet aid convicted sex o'nender from its property. >> why is that person allowed to be even near our school, i have no idea. >> john's daughter spotted convicted sex offender mark geary volunteers at a fall festival losted by this elementary school last month. >> she said, dad why is he doing here. and i said, who? on our iphone you can pull up the megan's law website and the whole record and rop sheet was there. >> the 51-year-old was convicted of molesting a young girl. his daughter knows the victim and alerted her dad who quickly told security at festival. >> you might w
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